Breaking Bondage from Addiction

Addiction! Everyone knows somebody in substance abuse addiction – Or you are this someone.

And just how well do we realize the painful results that addiction causes….Sadly enough, some of us use even more to forget what we don’t want to remember.

In this community, I will use my personal life’s journey of addiction, through God’s forgiveness as a guide to help others determine some of the underlying roots that first cause us to begin using substances, suppressing pain-points, eventually leading to addiction. 

Together, we will discover “the plans God has already had for us” when we practice faith sincerely to live freer without addiction and acknowledge a purpose that draws us to keep moving towards.

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Imagine You Could... 

Wake up with peace of mind, and a plan of intentional purpose believing Jesus demonstrated your forgiveness and worth as you move forward 

Accept the reality that we cannot control the world around us. Instead, learn how to control what we consume in our mind, body, and soul.

Feel new levels of integrity, trust, and gratitude by  becoming free, determined and  committed to God using His  Word as our guide in breaking bondage from addiction.

Hello there!


I’m a man who's been immersed into the numbness / darkness of addiction more than half of my life. Altogether this caused pain, regret, shame and every emotion relatable- living an unstable and unclear purpose in life. 

It’s my belief that substance addiction is first created to suppress a pain that isn’t known how to be dealt with. For me, this started in my early childhood living in a home life of heavy alcohol consumption that led to abuse in several ways. Abuse, on all levels for me, created these bondage's of pain, neglect, embarrassment, fear, low self-esteem to just name some. Bondage in essence, is a mastery/ an enslavement/ a state of being bound. Starting from young childhood through adolescence, with all these things that hurt in a young developing life, I soon took what was available in my home - alcohol.

Within this Community, we will listen to, be kind to, and practice empathy to use each other to see the light of Hope, and without stopping - move toward a new freedom that brings back true life, free from addiction.

We don't know what a day might bring,but we can know Who brings the day!

One of the greatest virtues I have learned in my journey of sober living - with God first in All things - is that our Lord doesn’t just want to make us do harder things. He truly desires to make us into something.

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